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For me, i'd like to start out on a post ( 1 or 2 ) lift. Watching the tire treads spin, for wiggle or bump from the road's angle. ( looking as they slow for signs of major imbalance [ pendulum ]

I would NOTT assume that the performance of the 'operation' is the cause.

While under the car, test for any looseness. Having a helper at the wheel is big.
Shake shake Rock rock Push pull, Wiggle wiggle. Everything from the tire to the steering wheel.

Too much loose in any one place is a problem. Remember though, Some here, some there,... And there adds up to the same problem.

Yes 1931 Flamingo I forgot to mention to rule out the balance issue. At times though we get hung on a specific point and forget to step away and see the big picture.

Verify king pins, shackles, and spring U bolts conditions. If an anti-sway bar is employed, look for missing, loose parts or decayed rubber.

Always a caution, extended period of wobble on the road will degrade your joints. Don't let it, Travel below fifty. Good Luck.

P.S. Your Coupe is more than Cool It's beautiful
Enjoy yer day. Tom
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