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Default Re: New Battery Cables

Starter grounds to the engine. The starter has 2 long bolts the run the length of the starter. Theoretically once you remove the bolts the starter can be pulled apart, But it won't fall apart. (just loosen them and keep them with the starter). On the bench you can then pull it apart if you like. I've never had a starter open up with the bolts loosened (they are tightly fit and have at least a 1/8 1/4 overlap). Lift up and toward the engine to remove and clear the flywheel. You can run a nut on the bolts on the bench if it's going to sit there for months.

Removing the starter and removing paint or grime were the starter meets the engine will ground the starter better. A ground wire to the engine will then help the starter and the ignition.

Yes you could remove one bolt and add a ground.

I've been using 00 welding wire for a bit now for battery cables. You make ends or have a shop around that does them. Had a local forklift place that did them. I did them myself.

Added asphalt wire looms around the wire to hide the look and look more vintage.

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