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I don't recall seeing a dual carb manifold that was that expensive. I see that the Vortex dual updraft intake with two linkages now sells for around $330.00 . The one that I bought a few years agao from Charlie Yapp was less . I paid around six hundred for an old original cast iron Trojan dual updraft manifold that came with two rebuilt Zenith model A carbs , the fuel lines , a bag full of Zenith jets and parts plus the original linkage . I remember seeing Trojan manifolds in magazines when I was a teenager and had always wanted one for my model A .Trojan manifolds started showing up on eBay in the early two thousands and I would cheap out and get outbid when they sold for over three hundred for the bare manifold only .When the one that I now have came up I was hell bent and determined not to get out bid and I managed to prevail . Considering that I got the full setup plus parts , I feel that I did OK . The best dual updraft manifold that I have came from Steve Becker at Berts model A center . I bought this cast iron Uniflo manifold in 95 and it was made later in the 30s for use on the model B engine . The Uniflo has larger runners than my other manifolds and out performs them all . As far as price goes , I see that a finned aluminum dual downdraft intake manifold sells for $220.00 in Snyders catalog .It all depends on what a person wants and what they are willing to pay . I am happy with mine.
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