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Default Unusual carburation on Flathead V8ís

Hey gang it might be fun to talk about and share pictures of unusual carburetor choices on Flathead Ford engines. Iím really talking about anything other than the normal 3 bolt 94 Holley/Fords and Stromberg 97ís.

Iíve looked on several occasions at some Italian ďVeeĒ engineís with their Weber and DelíOrto carbs and thought hmmmm???

Carbs like those ^^^ are often designed for 60 degree V6ís and V12ís which have narrow intake manifolding like our Fords.

So Iím curious if any of you have strayed from the beaten path. Iíll bet thereís a few that have used a Rochester 2GC, another good one.

What about Autolite 2100ís and 4100ís that came on small Ford V8ís in the 60ís.

Let it rip fellas if you have anything to say about this. Very interested to hear what youíve done or plan to do in the future.

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