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Default Wheel 01AS 1015B - Early Chassis Catalog Reference?

I posted this question over on FTE but have found no one with an early edition of the Green Bible. Maybe better luck here.

I’m looking for anyone that might have an early 1940s original paper Chassis Catalog that might include reference to this wheel? I have the late 1940s Green Bible but it is silent to it. My wheel references show it is a 15” x 5.50” one piece, type “F” drop center, 5 x 5.5” pattern, “Change Over” wheel available on Commercial models 1940-1946. It is Kelsey Hayes #23427. Normally Change Over wheels were aftermarket and not assigned Ford numbers, as was the case with the earlier 1936 to 1939 version of this wheel having the 5 x 10.25” pattern. But this later wheel got assigned a Ford number. I’ve added to my eBay watch list a couple of ‘38-‘42 editions of the catalog in case nobody comes up with an answer. The reason this might matter is Ford’s practice of deleting obsoleted/superseded/interchanged parts from subsequent publications of the Green Bible. Thx. Stu
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