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Default Re: 59AB Cooling System Advice Needed from the Experts (not an overheating issue)

Originally Posted by Tinker View Post
So your issue is you didn't over heat but lost fluid? If you leave it alone and don't add coolant then drive it hard again, do you over heat?

I don't think the 4lb cap came into the mix till 53 or so. I could be wrong.

Yes adding a 7lb cap could blow out a "old" rad. Pressure.

Thanks for the response, I'm taking the rad in today to have it flow checked, and to discuss possible modifications.

I don't think this is a pressure issue, as much as a volume issue. Just my 2cents.

Flow in the rad could be an issue. But did you try to run it hard after it puked. It can only take so much fluid volume. Over filling will find a way to dump. Reason for the overflow tube, but it just ran onto the ground normally before the pickup.

There is only a volume amount suggested by ford for coolant and oil. The gauges tell you if you over heat. Not if it's too much or too little on both. You have to watch that.

Having a heater to the cab helps to divert volume as well.


I have a heater and the coolant continually cycles through it (no shut off valve). According to the guy that was following me, the overflow puked each time I got to the top of a climb. In seeing how much coolant I lost, And being 350 miles from home, and thinking it was possible a head gasket issue, I chickened out as I didnt want to hurt the engine. So I can't answer your question of whether it would continue to puke if driven hard.

When I checked the coolant level once got to our destination, there was no coolant in the upper tank, and it seemed to take about a quart added to fill the core below the upper tank, that seemed pretty low to me.
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