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Default Re: best way to dry gas tank that is in car

i removed the carb , took it apart and blew out all the jets and passage ways with air pressure. Reinstalled carb on intake. All lines have been removed and checked for any blockage .Also the fuel lines do not touch the wire filter in the carb or where it goes in the settlement bowl. Gas cap was removed .Started it up ran great until I tried to accelerate full throttle.Stalled and some backfiring through the carb. Tried adjusting full advancing the spark . Didn't help. I think this was the beginning of the problem in the first place.We took it out two Sundays ago for a drive. Would only get up around 30 then started the stalling. Got a little better as we went along.Got home and that's when i looked under the hood. had gas running out of the bowl( tightened it) that's when i saw all the black stuff in the bowl.Assumed that the tank sealer was failing.Black stuff was the neoprene gasket that had disintegrated.I want to thank ever one for all there help full input.I will get the problem resolved and let you know the out come. Miff
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