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Default Re: best way to dry gas tank that is in car

Let settle, let dry naturally(open cap) for a day or 2, add isopropyl alcohol (cheap at Walmart) - slosh around by rocking the A, drain, remove shutoff.

A couple of methods I've heard of - do not know how safe they are. With vehicle outside force air thorough shutoff hole (compressed air, ac motor fan without brushes), whatever you do keep anything that sparks away from it (hair driers, DC motors, fan switches, etc. If you use an AC motor fan, make it blow into the hole via a long dryer vent hose or something similar, keeping fumes away from the fan.

I once even heard of someone who attached a long hose to a leaf blower to use to blow at idle speed into a tank.

I have no idea how safe any of these methods are. But have heard of them being done. If it was me I would have it outside, treat with a couple of quarts of isopropyl, drain, and let dry naturally outside.

Others can comment on these methods, or if there are other recommendations.
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