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Default best way to dry gas tank that is in car

Some history: Had tank pro cleaned and sealed when i was restoring car. Last week run but would starve out when accelerating . Settlement bowl glass had black flakes in REMOVED AND THROUGH THAT THE SEALER WAS TURNING LOOSE from the bottom. When on ford barn and found "Bizzare tank cleaning"Used pro 50 cleaner ,set up the pump, and started the cleaning process All this week.Got a very little black flakes out and the water was clear.At this time I am flushing the tank with clear water.Now my question what's the best way to dry out the tank ? blowing compressed air in, just air dry over time ,run some denatured alcohol in and then drain. Up for suggestions.Before all of this I removed the settlement bowel gasket between the site glass . Gasket was dissolved. Could of bend the problem all along . But there was black stuff on the gas gauge face > That's why I assumed the sealer was trying loose.One good deal I have a clean tank.
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