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Default Re: Engine Splash Pans

It is my understanding ...
* Until Oct 28, each pan included flattened tab at its front end. Each pan bolted to the frame at 6 points (3 to frame, 2 to oil pan bolts, 1 to front cross member). After that, possibly due to their rigidity (cracking) and change in the engine mount, the front tabs were folded up and the bolt hole eliminated..

* Initially, unique-head bolts were drilled for cotter pin (no lock washer). After mid 29, the bolts were not drilled and used lock washers. Bolts were inserted from the top side of frame.
*A20553 Engine pan to frame bolt (cross drilled for cotter): 1/4-28 x 9/16 (fillister head screw) {plain}
*A21666 Engine pan to frame bolt (thick head, square) slight chamfer on top face of nut: 1/4-20 (3/16t x 1/2) {plain}
*A23515 Engine pan to frame bolt cotter: 1/16 x 1/2 {plain}
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