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Originally Posted by w.michael View Post
Many years ago, I mounted a wolf whistle on the intake manifold at the windshield wiper vacuum line attachment using a brass T as suggested above. The inside diameter of the brass fitting is too small, and the whistle doesn't work well with the small brass T. And so I bored out the brass fitting to a larger diameter to all three openings in the brass T. That really did work better, and I got a much louder whistle after I bored it out.

Well, it worked much better UNTIL late one Sunday night, coming down the mountain in the rain and in the dark, the engine suddenly died. Fortunately, I was able to coast right into a closed service station (remember service stations?) and under the canopy to get out of the rain. I raised the hood to find that the brass T had broken off, I guess from vibration, because it was so thin after I re-bored it. Easy fix, just remove the T and re-attach the windshield vacuum line. It could have been so much worse if I had not had a good place to stop.

Later I replaced the brass T with pipe fittings, which gave a stronger fitting and a larger inside diameter.

And, yes, I have told this story before on Fordbarn, but that didn't stop me from telling it again.

W. Michael
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