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Default Re: rebuilding a pre-36 steering box - parts interchangeability

Long story short - I ordered a rhd worm and sector from MACS - for my $400 Aussie dollars, I got a $100 shipping bill, $50 in fees, and .... wait for it a Left hand drive worm and a left hand drive sector.

They claim the worms are the same (left and right hand drives) - not the case - on their ebay site - they sell a rhd worm under a different part number

note the different part numbers on the part they sent me:

Pity they didn't send me this part

What is worse is that the box the sector shaft came in, was labelled with 2 different labels, one depicting it to be rhd, the other lhd.

Caveat emptor.

I have emailed them with my original order, and pictures of the parts with a comparison to the right hand drive parts after I pulled my original right hand drive steering box down for the rebuild.

I will update you guys with the results.

Gripe over
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