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Default Re: 39 Mercury question/mystery

Originally Posted by rotorwrench View Post
I looked at the photo and I have to figure that it is more of a reflection thing. You have to remember that this was likely done an a somewhat dark area or there may be dark colors in the reflected area. You can tell a flash was used to take that photo and you can see a shine from areas that will reflect the flash but not as much in surfaces that don't reflect the flash. Ford made several types of hub caps in the first year and that appears to be the third type. The first ones had Ford Mercury on them then the second type had just Mercury on there. The other was a Mercury with an 8 in the background. They all have a red painted annulus near the outer edge of the center too. The part that covers the wide five wheel area was painted as far as I know. The logos were all highlighted in red paint. They likely would have been shiny if the photo was take from the side.

This is the second style:

This on has a photo of the third style:

I know "early" 39's as we own one (see attached)....Oct 38 production. It has the Ford/Mercury Caps plus many other "early" productions items. We'll agree to disagree on the "reflection" theory......Look at the lower part of the hub caps and then look at the cap part...both the same color!!!!! Someone painted those caps..... I believe.
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