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Default Re: rebuilding a pre-36 steering box - parts interchangeability

Originally Posted by Terry,OH View Post
I am also interested. I believe your friend is correct. The 33-35 boxes (in USA) sector shaft use bushings in the housing and the 36 used bearings. From what I have seen the 33-35 sector shaft does not seem to fit the bearings used on the 36 properly(too small). You may have to have the 36 shaft ground to fit bushings or have the sector housing machined to fit the 36 bearings you will most likely want to have the housing machined and include a modern seal for the shaft.

The sector shafts should be the same size from 32-36. I had my early box machined to accept the 36 bearings and seals and didn't have to touch the sector shaft, granted my car is LHD.
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