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Default Re: steering column removal

There are only four bolts TOTAL that hold the steering column in place.

Two at the frame which hold the sector shaft housing to the frame. You'll see the nuts for these on either side of the pitman arm shaft as it comes out on the outside of the drivers side of the frame.

Two others at the gasoline tank lower bracket. These are actually slotted screws and play a minor role in holding the steering column. More to prevent vibration in the hands of the driver.

Technically, you can remove the two upper bolts and the body can be lifted from the frame leaving the steering column behind. The body was originally installed with the steering column in place (ref: assembly line pictures) although the body does require some "snaking" around the column and most modern restorers don't have the headroom or the equipment to do this: most prefer to remove the column before the body.

Even removing the four bolts, you'll still have some issues with removing the column. Its probably best (makes more room for maneuvering) if you remove the steering wheel first.

And of course, lest I forget - you want to remove the pitman arm first. But there is a list of items to be removed preparatory to the column removal.

You may have a two-tooth sector unit (later Model A after say early 1929) and are trying to un-bolt and separate the sector shaft housing from the sector housing itself. You will dump a load of lubricant (grease or 600W oil) if you do this - sort of like trying to remove the oil pan on the engine without draining it first.

Hope this helps.

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