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Default Re: 1 1/2 tonne spring bushes

Hi All,

Finally getting back to working on the truck once again, been a while. So i pulled the springs out which i will have reset as per the greenbook specs.

My issue is the bushes which were shown to me above,

I believe the bushes i need are,

1. 21C-5781-A front spring
1942-47 3/4" I.D. - 1" O.D. - 1.96" long.

2. 21T-5781-A rear spring
1932-47 1" I.D.- 1 1/4" O.D. - 2 15/32" long.

But i also require the rear shackles as they are flogged out ( hole is more of an oval). i believe in the green book pages that i have say they are

BB 5777 RH
AA 5777-B LH

Is this correct? Would really appreciate any help you can offer.

I have also messaged Fred to see if he had the bushes and maybe some shackles.

If not does anyone have some new shackles they would want to sell?


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