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Default Re: Isky 3/4 Max 1 Camshaft

All of the above information is great BUT unless you check the cam timing as advertised on the timing card the true events will never be known. I have found as an example on an Isky cam advertised at a 111 C/L it was actually at 115. To determine if there was possibly an issue with the new cam gear bolt holes being in a different location causing the problem I put an original Ford cam gear on after doing this the results were the same a 115 C/L.
Since its not a simple task to alter the cam timing events on the Flathead with bolt on gears few will ever check their cam to the manufacturers timing information most just take the cam from the box and slide it into their Flathead. When I run into this issue with a cam I do correct it by altering the bolt holes and bushing each hole to the correct position. Not a simple task but one thats worth the effort.
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