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Default Re: Brake Fluid

If your going to use Dot 3 you might might well use Dot 4 for the higher boiling point. You can mix them but you might as fell flush the system with new dot 4 fluid.

I would use what your other vehicles use which will probably be dot 4 if they have disc brakes. Your already out of room in your garage.You don't have room two bottles of brake fluid. You could put another 97 carb in that spot!

Dot 4 chart. The dry boiling point is new fluid. The wet boiling point is after it has two-years worth of absorbing moisture. This is why you change it every two-year's. Do this flush, especially on your new vehicles with antilock brake controls. You do not want moisture screwing that stuff up. It gets real expensive. Your hydraulics should last forever if you flush the fluid every two-year's.
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