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I put DOT-5 in a '68 Corvette I had and it worked fine for 20 years until I sold the car last fall. However, I have never had so much trouble getting the brakes bled on any other car I owned. I have since gone back to DOT-4. I have an electronic device that will tell you the moisture content of the fluid in your system and whether it is at a marginal level or not. From my experience, the DOT-4 fluid will last at least 10 years (probably more) before it picks up enough moisture to be problematic. At that time, I flush the system and install new fluid. I have "Speed Bleeders" installed in my cars, so that is not a big chore.

Think about this : How many 20 or 30 year old "beaters" on the road are running their original brake fluid installed at the factory? Probably most of them, and I know of no major manufacturer that installs DOT-5. If it were a problem, the legislators and DOT would be all over it, with mandated brake fluid changes, etc.
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