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Default Re: clueless Ford salesman

Originally Posted by phonconn View Post
Got one for ya! Went into Home Depot for some wood screws for a project(non Model A) and a young man greeted me just inside the door. I asked "Please point me in the direction of your wood screws". He replied you want pluses or minuses.
I was quite confused as I didn't think wood screws had a polarity issue one way or the other and I guess the confusion frustrated the young man. He held up his hands in an + and asked once again pluses or minuses as he changed his hand to a horizontal - sign.
So I was educated that day that phillips head screws are "pluses" and that slotted head screws are "minuses".
What an old man can learn from this new generation is astounding.
Go figure.
LOL, that sure is a new one on me.

Did you educate him about slotted and Philips head?

If you asked him for pan head screws, he probably would have taken you to the frying pans.
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