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Default Re: Biggest scare in a Model A

Driving my stock rescued Tudor in 1970, my kids in the back seat and on a nice long stretch of highway 9 I observed a model A wheel pass me, before I could re-act my son said, dad did you see that? Well i never thought one could lose a wheel from the rear of the car and not notice it. The wheel? Buried itself in the grill of the only other car on the road, bounced over the top and was never found. The guy, an Arkansas hillbilly was nice and we agreed to tow the car to my house where we spent several days repairing it. A week later his former employer came and got the car, seems he stole the car and ran off with the guys wife and kids. He could not be charged with theft however as the wife said she had permission to use the car. Funny tho, I have trouble recalling people’s names but recall his after fifty years.
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