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Default Re: Biggest scare in a Model A

Never really had a moment in one of the Model A's or T's, but a couple months ago in my '42 Jeep I was coming home from an event. We had left a little early because we could see rain clouds to the south, and WeatherBug showed it coming toward us. Got most of the way home when it opened up. The wartime Jeeps had hand-operated wipers like the T's, which are virtually useless anyway. I had the summer top on which has no side coverage at all. Couldn't see through the windshield, rain whipping in the sides, everything inside including me is soaked, so I pull in under a bridge to wait it out but couldn't pull all the way off the 4-lane road. Fortunately there wasn't a lot of traffic, but several cars apparently saw me at the last moment and I could see them swerve. I'm not anxious to do that again.
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