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Default Re: Biggest scare in a Model A

Quite a few years ago when our kids were little and we lived in Michigan I agreed to use our Tudor in my cousin's evening wedding. The wedding was 30 miles from us on the other side of Detroit. After attaching a “just married” sign and some ribbons to a new trunk I recently mounted on the back of my tudor I felt it needed more ribbons. My wife told me we were late and there wasn't enough time to go to the store to get more. But I felt very compelled to add more so told her it I would hurry.

After the wedding reception a horrendous storm pounded us and I was faced with a trip home over terrible roads (southfield expressway) while my wife followed closely in our van with the kids. I had never driven in such rain with the Model A before and water was even coming up through the floorboards. It was difficult to see with the heavy rain and the dark night.

We made it home ok but the next morning when I went out to the garage I was shocked when I saw the Model A. The trunk was hanging off the edge of the luggage rack as the bolts had vibrated loose. The ribbons were all tightly wrapped around the bumpers where it looked like they were tied from the trunk to the car. They were the only thing holding that trunk to the luggage rack. I got chills down my spine at that moment thinking what might have been if those ribbons weren't holding the trunk and it had fallen off in front of the van with my family on that dark rainy night. I was compelled to put those extra ribbons on for a reason. May have been some angels looking after us that night.
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