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Default Re: XM Radio On 6 Volts Positive?

Originally Posted by 5lugnuts View Post
The simplest solution is to find a grand child, yours or somebody else's. That child could easily load hours of your xm music to a jump drive (thumb drive) and you can play it through your USB port into your radio.

The drive (has no moving parts - uses digital solid state files) is ten or fifteen dollars for hours of music recording and loads in just minutes. The music files would be called MP3 files after the conversion. The grand child knows all about it and could get the drive for you.

You have a great setup there.
You are VERY perceptive. I already talked to my grandson about making me a zip drive loaded with music. Right on. This radio gets AM and FM too but I don't want to drill the big 7/8" hole in the roof for the antenna. I was thinking about one of those rubber antennas coming out the top of the dash. Anybody done this? With the split windshield, you would hardly notice it and the inner roof won't ground it because it's wood! Gary Tayman out of Florida built this radio and but they are somewhat pricey.

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