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Default Need info on adapting Model A engine to Model B pickup.

My brother has a 1933 Model B pickup with a cracked block that he doesn't think can be properly repaired to be reliable. Early Model B blocks are notorious for this problem. There seems to be only 3 solutions to get it back on the road and maintain a somewhat stock appearance:

1). Find a good "Diamond" Model B block at a reasonable price. This block had better casting quality and doesn't have a tendency to crack but is hard to find!
2). Adapt Model A engine to the Model B oil pan along with making the wishbone mount and pedal modifications.
3). Switch over to a flathead V8.

Has anyone successfully adapted a Model A engine to function in place of the Model B and what are the necessary modifications and pitfalls of taking on the switch? I know about the challenges of grafting the rear part of the Model B oil pan to work on the Model A pan while making sure the rear oil seal is secured. Also, I'm told the dip tray on the Model B sits deeper in the pan and may starve the dippers on the Model A rods, but haven't verified that.

Would appreciate any guidance or advice on solutions, tips, tricks, etc.
Thanks to all.
M. Garrett
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