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Default Re: 1936 Club Cabriolet Trunk Lid

I have a 36 Ford 5W Coupe and I also installed burlap inside the trunk lid as was original. I did not use foam as Lawson did, but it is a good idea.

I installed the burlap through the middle holes and spread it out using a yard stick to force the burlap between the outside and inside the trunk lid cover.

We also restored an original 36 5W Coupe this way, but only provided some over spray on each opening of the lid on the burlap as we believe was done original. That car got 998 of 1000 at Grand National last year.

The foam will keep the burlap tight to the lid, but when you open the lid without the foam it will also fall over the openings. I have found no reason for the burlap, except maybe to keep out road dirt from getting into the inside of the lid.
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