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The proprietor of our local Model A parts warehouse here in Victoria Australia recently had a close call in his AA Truck that should be added to the horrors told here, as another reminder of the dangers of mixing it with modern traffic (and today's drivers - in this case a truckie who was clearly not concentrating).

This info is in the public domain, so I have copied and pasted it here from their website, in their own words:

"Just a little news story about Keith’s accident – everyone has been asking to see some photos of the AA Truck.

On December 14th 2014, driving home city bound on the Western Highway at Springbank after doing a tour of the Christmas lights, Keith was rear-ended by a B Double Semi-Trailer doing approximately 110km/hr (=69mph). The shunt from behind at first propelled Keith at an extra 20 km faster and he said it felt really exhilarating!

He then careered on two wheels down the ditch on the side of the freeway, with grass catching in the hubs and then back onto the freeway stopping sideways in the fast lane. With the engine still running, Keith was able to throw the AA Truck into reverse and back into safety, narrowly avoiding yet another semi who left the second set of really impressive tyre marks in the over taking lane – that you can still see today – just after the bridge at Wallace.

We didn’t include the photos of his severe bruising as it would put you off your food. We have included some of the truck damage (it was subsequently written off by Shannons, who were fantastic by the way). We will be pleased to show you photos of the repairs once they are completed."

Given the way grass ended up stuffed in between the tyre and the rim, this must have been very close to a rollover, and Keith did well to control his truck. I've had the same result on the tyres of a Subaru ute that left a gravel road, and think I know how he must have been feeling. (My incident was entirely my own fault - too young, too fast! ) I think he's lucky to have kept his life, given the description of this event.
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