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Default Re: Replacement Ignition Coil

Originally Posted by gustafson View Post
40 Deluxe, suppose a brand new coil fires a split second sooner when the points open, that would be the same as more advance. And something that would be both hard to measure and the resulting increase in RPM of no meaning; would love to know your test results
Mr Swoft how many would be concerned about compression blowing out a spark with a 4.2 head at 2200 rpm. A 10:1 head at 7K, that would be different .
Spark, timing, coils, points and such can be confusing and could be a great thread to clarify from. To many, timing and ignition and spark is just shoving a pin in a hole
Well, I don't see how a new coil would fire any sooner. Electrical current would travel at the same speed in either coil. If anything, a performance coil likely has more turns of wire around the core, so current would take longer to complete the circuit but this would be insignificant, even meaningless.
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