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Originally Posted by Marco Tahtaras View Post
The revision should include a photo for reference. In reality 99.999% of folks don't care as long as the horn looks nice and functions properly. IF you encounter someone that is truly concerned you have two simple and logical solutions:

1. DO NOT offer to help them build the first ever 500 point car!

2. Advise them to show with a horn that requires no tag (Stewart Warner, etc.) so all commonly available original parts can be used. And PLEASE, use properly restored original nuts and bolts, and remember to put a THIN coat of black enamel on the diaphragm!
Sir, I am aware of the correct nuts and bolts and the thin coat of black enamal, and that is how I try to restore them, pitted horns are a problem, takes more than one coat and they never make show horns, but a show horn S/W should be essentially rust free, and I have run across some very nice rust and dent free S/W's, especially here in the West. I will always recommend S/W's in the future if the car is to be shown. I honestly did not realize that judging was getting so specific as to question the Sparton labels, I can understand if they are reproductions that are not correctly stamped, but there are some beautiful Sparton label reproductions available right now that can be properly stamped. I run a S/W on my 1930 Roadster, mainly because it functions so well.
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