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Originally Posted by wcolo View Post
If you have any of those NOS labels, I would certainly be interested. I did not know that labels were now part of the judging, but in Western Colorado, we drive our Model A's, since there are no clubs over here, only in Eastern Colorado. Is the Sparton label issue covered in the latest upgrades of the Judging Standards? If so, sound like I need that update, but then again if I cannot get NOS labels, what then??
Bennett Y.
The revision should include a photo for reference. In reality 99.999% of folks don't care as long as the horn looks nice and functions properly. IF you encounter someone that is truly concerned you have two simple and logical solutions:

1. DO NOT offer to help them build the first ever 500 point car!

2. Advise them to show with a horn that requires no tag (Stewart Warner, etc.) so all commonly available original parts can be used. And PLEASE, use properly restored original nuts and bolts, and remember to put a THIN coat of black enamel on the diaphragm!
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