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Originally Posted by wcolo View Post
Labels Again:
I do know A&L Parts Specialities will pre-stamp you labels. I plan on getting some of them in the future. I am positive you could slightly weather an A&L stamped Sparton label and no judge alive would know the difference. I have a copy of the judging standards, and I did not run across this picky issue in the standards, but mine are 1998 or so dated. Are judges getting this picky?? If they are, I recommend they retire or buy a Yugo to judge.
If you read the preface you will find anything distinguishable from original should receive a deduction. This has always been the case. The "Standards" does NOT describe the nuances of various reproduction parts.

I find it interesting how many folks believe they should receive the same score for an nice looking "off the shelf" part as the guy next to him with the real deal in perfect condition, whether it be a NOS part or a painstakingly restored part. If the judge can't tell the difference due to inexperience OR the car owner
has successfully doctored the new part to match the the real deal then the reproduction piece will indeed receive the same score. In my opinion that is the way it should be. Oftenthe car ownerdoesn't know the difference or simply can't see it but that doesn't entitle him to a free ride.
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