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Labels Again:
I just compared my 1929 reproduction label with original label above, marked 1929, the 1928 and 1929 labels have the "other patent pending" in the far right side in small black print. I cannot tell the difference between my reproduction I bought from Brattons and the original. This also holds true also with the 1930 original label shown above, it is identical in all respects to my Brattons reproduction, color, print and everything else. The 1930-1931 labels have the patents listed in small black print on the far right(four patents).

I do know A&L Parts Specialities will pre-stamp you labels. I plan on getting some of them in the future. I am positive you could slightly weather an A&L stamped Sparton label and no judge alive would know the difference. I have a copy of the judging standards, and I did not run across this picky issue in the standards, but mine are 1998 or so dated. Are judges getting this picky?? If they are, I recommend they retire or buy a Yugo to judge.
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