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Originally Posted by d.j. moordigian View Post

" If I were to rate horns on performance, from best to worst, I would rate S/W, then Sparton, followed by AMES and GMI together, and EA at a distant last. I am not an EA fan. I have done them for restoration, but have never gotten the sound out them as I do with S/W's and Spartons and generally their condition seems poor since most are found back east. All of my comments are based upon what I have observed from the many restorations I have done. Yes, I am a Stewart/Warner fan. "

Are you saying that the horns are regional? My car was built in San Fransisco in
mid 1928. Which horns were typical for a SFA mid 28, any idea? Also, I'm look for
an EA motor base/with a motor...that has a nice stamp.

Thanks, Dudley
Dudley, I have observed where my horns were shipped from. I do not think there were any rules other than horn manufacturing location versus where the assembly plants were located. Although, I have found very few EA's out west, where I live, plus most I have picked up are so-so condition. I do have one early domed EA horn I may be selling, I have restored the horn(I do this professionally) and it came out fairly decent. The EA stamping on the lip ranged from not there to a light stamped EA, about 3/16" high, so I would not worry much about that unless you have judges that do NOT know horns.
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