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Default Re: Model A Registration Woes

Originally Posted by gary678* View Post
Hi, Hopefully the Maine DMV will not go and try to match the engine number with the registration unless the clerk/agent is trying to be the next Inspector Clouseau (which I highly doubt). Present your papers which indicate a clear title and let them take the ball and process it. DEFINITELY DO NOT TELL THEM ABOUT THE MISMATCH !! Here in NY they took my papers (Model A) which indicated a clear title and processed it immediately, happy to get the money and close the deal. I realize that when it comes to motor vehicle registration every state is a foreign country, but it's the Holiday Season, a time of giving, so I think things will work out! A good strategy might be to go to the DMV Office late in the day when they are in a hurry to close and go home. Good luck!
Please let everyone know how you made out. Gary
Ok, let's assume you get through DMV without telling them about the mismatch. What are you going to do if a police officer stops you for a minor violation and since it is a slow night wants to run the VIN and asks you where it is on the car? What if you are in an accident and your insurance agent looks at the VIN on the car and says "This isn't the car we insured"? How are you going to explain it when you sell it to someone else? My advice is to get the title straight now, it is only going to be worse later.

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