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Default Re: Helpful Suggestions ?

Originally Posted by stevests View Post
Any helpful advice for changing out the gas gauge float on a '29 Coupe ? Been 50 years last time I had done this ! Thanks !
I changed all the gaskets recently in a 1929 Tudor. I am a newbie and was my first job on my newly acquired model A.

Basically I ordered 2 sets of cork gaskets. One was a full kit, with the glass included and new floater (non cork).

At the same time I got the correct tools. I used the old star aluminum wrench. It worked for me. There is a new design that is square.

Drived the car till gas level was way below of the gas gauged.

Then I followed what it is said in the technical book.

Replaced gaskets and brass ring exactly in the same position I was taking the old ones.

The car has the original glass with a magnifier in the middle to see numbers biggers. I left that one. Also has the new style floater. I didn't know what I will find. So at the end was just gaskets replacement.

Then attached it in the same way I took it out. There is a video in YouTube on how to install it.

I have not seen any gas leak since I did it (3 months).

I had neoprene and cork gasket. But most of the people use cork, so I followed them.

I was afraid of doing it wrong as I have 0 mechanical knowledge.

At the end, it was very easy.

I hope this helps
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