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Default Re: Cos of A Restoration

As I said before all the posts above are valid. There is not even one definition of what it means to restore a car. Is it wrong to say something like " I want to restore the engine to running condition"? Does it have to be as it left the factory?

How about these;

I'm going to restore my Dads A to running condition.
I'm going to restore my A to driving condition.
I'm going to restore my A to AACA standards.
I'm going to restore my A to as it was supposed to leave the factory floor.

In my opinion, these are all correct use of the word restore and with each come different costs.

Even the last one, Mark Maron took 8 years to restore his car to "fine point". Most of the work was done by him. Eight years is a good piece of time but since I'm sure he did not charge himself labor it was cost effective.

You can have two high scoring cars with two greatly different costs. You provide the labor and don't make a profit on the parts and one that was dropped off and pick up a year or two later where the professional charged for labor and a profit on parts.
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