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Default Re: Cos of A Restoration

Originally Posted by Keith True View Post
They didn't buy it.I know some say they would throw them out,insult them,but some day they just may come back with money for something else.There was a man here that exports to Hungary,he offered $12000.Those two old boys thought he was just foolish.With A's and British motorcycles I've found I have to drive a stake in the ground and say,that's it.That's the price.Look it over good,do and say whatever you want,but that is the price.The sight of cash doesn't excite me.Those guys thought I was going to sell cheap because they had cash and they felt I should sell to them cheap.
Keith those 'first' two guys that came to look at your Coupe wouldn't have been those annoying pair from American Pickers by chance?

Those kind of shows have done a tremendous amount of damage to the antique car and collectibles hobby as far as I'm concerned. Today everybody is a bloody 'flipper' going to make big money off of you being stupid. That really grinds my gears, I have no patience with these types. This is the price, if you don't like it there's the door.

Some guy came thru here last summer with a pickup and an empty trailer and Missouri tags, looking to 'buy' old cars. Somebody at the restaurant uptown sent him my way. He found me in the garage, told me he wanted to buy an old car, and did I have anything for sale? I told him politely 'no'. Then, this goof ball starts tearing into our '36 Ford telling me all that is wrong with it, how it wasn't worth much, how I could make some quick money by selling it to him,,, and all that nonsense. If I had had the Garand handy he would have gotten an .06 up his butt hole. The guy was a real jerk.

He then said 'I'm heading over to a guy named (name ommitted he's a friend of mine) to buy his '59 Vette." Yeah, good luck with that, that has never been tried before! Plus my friend is a hardened VietNam vet he was in the battle of the I Drang Valley he'll clean your clock he's half nuts to start with, you just don't fool with him

The Missouri's guy's funeral was held the next week!!
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