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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

fomocoloco, gotta be a browser security or firewall issue. Somehow your browser is not remembering passwords. PM me and I'll try to help.

For everyone else...

I just read most of this stuff, and I noticed a lot of people who said they were new to the site (a few with '35 and '36's), having 3-10 posts, except their messages are from 1-2 years ago. They haven't been back to post. May still be lurkers, but, more involvement is needed not less.

Tom T had a reasonable comment months (years) ago. I'm glad he's still pretty active. I've seen his cars, and as he explained it, he's not about 'as henry made it' but about 'as I want it' and I applaud him for it. He's a great guy and is very helpful with knowledge, and time to support Barn events and forum members. (Even if he gets more pizza than me!) Not everyone likes chicken!


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