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Default Re: Differing points of view

I am new to this site and again would like to thank Ryan et al for their efforts making this a terrific knowledge resource. First, their is no accounting for taste. Sadly, some people have great taste and some people have little or no taste. Yes, taste is very subjective, and sometimes extremely difficult to define, however, an analogy would be a beautiful Woman. 100 men could look at this very attractive woman, and would be compelled to agree that this Woman was indeed very attractive, even if she was not in keeping with each individuals own taste. This is an exclusive FORD site, thank goodness!. If modifications on a 60 or 70 year old automobile are effected, especially to make it more safe and efficient for serious driving pleasure, then, these "mods" should be looked at in a POSITIVE light. Even the Ford engineers designed "retro fit" motor mounts for installing later Flathead motors in early 1930's cars. Purists might say that it is wrong to have a 8BA motor in a 1934 Ford. Well, the Ford Motor Company thought it was a good idea. All these old cars, with very few exceptions, were designed to be driven at what we would now consider to be "slow" speeds on unimproved or rough roads. Many old cars rode like "buckboards" by today's standards. The bodies and frames were "rust" just waiting to happen. The early Lacquer paints gave little protection against the "armies" of rust and corrosion, never mind impact damage from all the rocks on the roads, and quite frankly, I think it is a tribute to the early Ford mechanics that many of these cars survived as long as they have. With apologies to those that have already done it, I have to say PLEASE, NO SBC in Fords! If one has to have a "modern" engine for efficiency and practicality, the last time I checked, FORD makes very efficient and powerful engines that work well and last a long time! Again thanks to the site. HIFLYER
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