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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

I have two 1948 cars first is a Pontiac which i know is a street rod, the other is a Ford not sure where it fits. Ford has a 52 flathead engine merc cam soon three duces,overdrive truck trans look orig. from bottom, 39 Lincoln brakes, is 12v. and every thing else is as Ford made it, so i wonder where it fits? I built the Ford as i could afford when i was 16 which was a longjtime ago (now63) can afford more wizzie stuff now but thought i wouldn't be right,kinda like the way it turned out! The Pontiac seems to be in trouble may have to go! I am quite new here, if it was the post about the 302 into a Forty maybe more should have replied about keeping the orig. engine rebuild maybe some period perf. parts or even a newer flat motor. Also the poster should have read more of the Barn to get a better idea of the type of cars that are here. Thanks Laurie
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