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Default Re: Hey Fellas... Some Clarification...

I can respect the “purists” but I think all of us are guilty of blurring the lines. I’m a newcomer but have lurked for a very long time. The insights/knowledge base here and ideas presented are what makes this place great and provide much inspiration.

That being said our ride (49 Ford) never was stock. We brought it home lowered, louvered and flamed as it would have been in 1955. Being children of the ‘50s we wanted this car but never could have afforded it. It was up to us to finish it mechanically and the interior. We wanted a “traditional” hot rod keeping the flatty but being air conditioned and running all day down the road at 70 miles an hour in 105-110 degree days in Nevada. Quite a chore for a flatty but it can be done, thankx to the members here.

Our hobby and our vision is ever evolving; it would be a shame for this place to become a refuge for purists only.
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