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Default Exh. manifold to muffler; does anyone make....

Hello; I am in the process of building an extremely nice engine test stand for myself and my friends to use for the initial start up and break in of our engines. In trying to simplify as much as possible, I decided to use a new reproduction exhaust manifold and then just drop down to an aftermarket
style muffler and tip; does anyone make the short pipe that fits between the bottom flange of the exhaust pipe and the inlet side of a stock type muffler?

I stopped at Midas & Meinike (local in Chicago) with my sample and both of them told me that their equipment will not fabricate the flange that mates up with the bottom of the exhaust manifold......

Anyone have any suggestions - anyone have a damaged muffler that they might be willing to part with the front section? Thanks, Steve
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