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Originally Posted by AnthonyG View Post
How do u send pics w/o going advanced? In Post Quick Reply always asks for URL? Do u need to have s website w ur pics stored there? Always thought I was relatively electronically / computer savvy, guess I’m getting the Old Man Brain Syndrome��! I’ll go on the internet & figure out how to reduce file sizes on pics on iPhones. Seems like a real PIA, just getting old & grouchy I guess.
I went to the Apple store and asked about file size on phones. On some models there is a way to change it (I was asking the question to be sure mine was set at the highest resolution). I don't think that reducing the size on the phone is the answer. My advice would be to keep the file size as high as possible on the phone and reduce it afterwards. In my case I load the photos to "Photos" on my MAC and reduce the size when I export them to my desktop or just drag them there. What kind of computer hardware are you using?

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