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Default Re: 59 AB engine rebuild

Originally Posted by Macdozer View Post
What does the block plate do when finish honing the blocks?
And what does pin the heads and gaskets to the block mean?

How necessary is the 95% oil filtering setup?
Hi Mac, having a block-plate for the final sizing on the bores simply duplicates the "pressure/tension" on the cyl head fasteners in the deck surface, bolts or studs don't matter, and keeps the cylinders perfectly round when honing. As heavy as these casting seem, they are still fairly "flimsy".

When you assemble the unit and bolt the heads on the bores will still be round. I doubt Ford ever did it this way, but today it is the "norm".

Pinning the block/heads/gaskets keeps everything from "moving" around. With the use of any aftermarket aluminum heads lately it's good precedure. The mfr's have made the head bolt holes much larger than in the past.

The block-plate serves as 2 tools for us, first for the "pinning" and second for the honing. It is used for both procedures.

Thanks, Gary in N.Y.

P.S. The oil filtering mod is just a real good feature, and now is the time to do it, during a complete teardown. Even if you decide against using the filter setup it's nice to have it there if you change your mind! Here's a shot of the plate, the pinning setup, and the filter mod.
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