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Default Re: 1941 Ford Pickup frame-off restore for the next generation

Had a full battery tray mount and a 1/2 one LOL, fabbed up a new battery tray, definitely the max gauge material for my bead roller.

Got the steering box all cleaned up and installed. New gas tank arrived (bob Drake)

1/2 of the spark plug wires done, old and new picture.

Started on the radiator, found a comb on the clearance isle local auto parts.

Was lucky enough to find a pair of anti chatter rods from a Barner (Thank you very much) and was able to get them to separate by welding the original bolt to the frame and heated the rod itself and waalaa. Best news was my original truck frame had (I believe) aftermarket bolts, no center square but socket fits them fine. Soaked with PB Blaster for a good week or so. Stiff wire brush on the threads and chased them with a original nut. Complete set of rods now.
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