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Default Re: 2014 Moonshine Festival

Got home about 5 p m yesterday & as you can see by the post time I slept in a bit.
( something I never do )
Round trip 2525 Miles / 175 gal of gas / 1 Qt oil ~ Down side is ~ before I got to Chucks to start the run to the fest sheba decided she only needed 1 thermostat
so the left one either stuck open or if it is in the line it may have turned side ways.
Then on the WHITE KNUCKEL TOUR some B M W tried to take Me Vic & His friend O B
out by passing us on the in side of one of the switch backs where there was no in side.
{ lets think about that for a moment / 1947 tudor Ford vs Beemer NO guardrail nothing but down on his out side Glad he had 2nd thoughts it would not have been as pretty as the views we were seeing }
Now Sunday when Chuck & I were leaving for the return trip home we left the hotel parking lot at 6:30 a.m.
Before we got to the main st my right Laker pipe front bracket broke and the pipe started to drag. we stopped and removed the rear bracket and put the pipe in the car. < glad it did not happen on the inter state at those speeds I for sure would have run it over not telling what could have happen from there >
Then the only thing that happen is I was following Chuck up a long hill in Pa. I thought boy we are making great time I looked at the speed O & said to myself no wonder we are going 100 MPH ~~ that can't be correct ~~ then she let out one heck of a squeal
And started to work correct then the rest of the way home it would be ok then start to squeal and jump around. but never broke sounds like it needs a little lube.
All in All I had a great great time.
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