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Default Re: 1941 Ford Pickup frame-off restore for the next generation

Originally Posted by the cooch View Post
Awesome work! Patch panels you made look really good, and fabbing up little things is the best! I have been slowly replacing the skateboard with car building as a midlife crisis and seems like I'm about to get hurt all the time anyway! No matter how careful, there's lots of heavy, jacked up, springloaded chaos available in the shop! Gotta take your time for sure and sometimes just jump out of the way! Funny thing is I just broke my arm skateboarding right after finishing the second lowering scheme on the '36 and had to assemble front end and rebuild brakes in a cast myself. Kinda fun though,and not really that hard, better than layin' around "resting"! - Chris
Thanks for the kind words. Very nice project u got going there.
Sounds like my twin (good luck with the arm) LOL, wife was always asking how did u do that with one arm! If there's a will there's a way. My problem is I never get out of the way but instead throw myself in the way. Had doc visit yesterday and fully healed (8 weeks) strengthening begins today.
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