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Default Re: 1941 Ford Pickup frame-off restore for the next generation

E Brake tube from backing plates was rotted away to nothing on one side by luckily I had the other side to give me a template to go by. Some 1/4" flat washers with a 3/4" OD was my base and than I unibit drilled to 1/2" ID. 1/2" OD tubing from menards cut to length and a little tweak to get the angle correct was all it took.

Brazed the washers onto the tubing and welded the tubes into the backing plates. Rubber boot and cable went together perfectly. Rear brakes rebuilt.

My VW getting put away for winter storage. It'll be nice to have my full garage again to start reassembly of my truck.

Rear end all done. Used my original spreader just had to widen it by 7". This time I completely disassembled all springs and than restacked after main spring installed. Brake lines ran.
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