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Default Re: 1941 Ford Pickup frame-off restore for the next generation

Rebuild the brakes on the front end was a bit of a challenge to rivet on the new brake linings one handed. Took me a while to devise a jig to hold the shoe properly to install new rivet. LOL

Picked up a nice bench seat a block from house (garage sale) for $28, and it looks to be useable as far as size wise. We'll see later down the road.

Rearend up on the stand next for disassembly. FACT get the proper tools for drum removal. After trying ever possible diy idea out there, I ended up renting the puller from Mac VanPelt, literally had the drums off in 1/2 hour after spending a week with the other attempts.

Finally got my brace off my right arm and what better project to tackle but rebuilding the back brake system.
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