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Default 1941 Ford Pickup frame-off restore for the next generation

Mandatory introduction, my name is Jon and I'm doing a frame off restore for the next generation. My interpretation of that is, it'll survive another 60yrs or so after I'm done with it hopefully for the next generation to revive again.
Been a car buff all my life, specialized in VW's back when. On/off 10yr project completed 2001.

While traveling shows with my wonderful wife, she started liking old trucks. So I've kinda had a eye out for few years now while driving the countryside around here (northern IL, southern WI). On a recent job trip up north I ran across this beautiful truck on a trailer with a for sale sign on her. Haggled a price and had it at my house by the weekend.
July 2013

(I'll be updating as time permits)

This will be picture heavy, I like taking them but finding time to post is another. LOL

Motor had a couple stuck lifters, leaky fuel pump, broken points and carb full of dust. After fixing these few items I was able to get it to fire up. Now at least I believe I have a useable original flathead.

Motor running video 6 weeks in to restore, it was nice to get the original 31,000 mile motor running
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